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NASA bought the Intel processors for the Space Shuttle on eBay in 2002.
Control systems in the Space Shuttle use the first Intel processor, the 8086. This is now so hard to find that NASA had to buy their replacements in 2002 from eBay, as Intel no longer supplied them. More »
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So to keep the shuttles flying, the space agency has begun trolling the ... Published: May 12, 2002 ... it could scavenge Intel 8086 chips -- a variant of those chips powered I.B.M.'s first ... In the meantime, it is hoarding 8086's so that a failed one does not ... The agency and its contractors want stockpiles of old parts to buy in ...
In 1981 NASA sent up the first space shuttle, which used Intel 8086 processors ..... Yes it did. (4:13am EST Wed May 15 2002) Yes the comand module was an ...,review-31190.h...
4 Aug 2008 ... We've seen a lot of Intel CPUs, but a few are real stand-outs. ... An interesting aside is that the control systems in the US space shuttles use 8086 processors and NASA was forced to buy some from eBay in 2002 since Intel could no ... Did a bit of a clear-out of my parts boxes not so long ago and found a ...
23 Jun 2014 ... NASA bought parts of the Space Shuttle on eBay because Intel wasn't ... Control systems in US space shuttles have used 8086 Intel processors—the first x86 ... of this NASA actually had to buy some off of eBay back in 2002!
Space Shuttle Columbia (NASA Orbiter Vehicle Designation: OV-102) was the first ... Columbia in the Orbiter Processing Facility after delivery to Kennedy Space .... of the shuttle's forward wing wer... View article on Wikipedia »
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