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Turtles talk to each other in at least six different ways.
Brazilian scientists recorded underwater sounds from river turtles talking to one another. The recordings indicate that the turtles may live more complex social lives than previously thought. More »
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19 Aug 2014 ... The scientists also found that the baby turtles can talk to each other while ... as many other vertebrates [animals with backbones] in many ways, just ... than a dozen different types of vocalizations among the giant river turtles, ...
There are many different kinds of turtles, over 250 species in fact. ... solitary creatures, so not much is known about how they communicate with each other.
Turtles have another hard plate that covers the stomach; this is called a plastron. A snapping turtle's plastron is small and leaves much of their body exposed. ... How do they communicate with each other? Snapping turtles ... Some individuals are killed for food, which does impact the population, but in a very minor way.
To attempt to cover all the questions frequently asked by those just starting out ... 11) How much water does my Box turtle need for swimming? ... 16) What do the numbers like 1.3.8 mean when someone is talking about ... This is because if they had to wait till the perfect time many would not meet another turtle at that time.
30 Nov 2011 ... Scientists believe baby turtles can communicate with each other before they ... In this way, more developed turtles can send signals on their growth status to less ... A nest environment is pretty much an enclosed cavity where gas ... a clutch of eggs into two and incubating them at different temperature levels.
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