How to Easily Beat Jaden in "Yu-Gi-Oh! GX: Duel Academy

By Joseph McAllister , last updated March 13, 2012
"Yu-Gi-Oh! GX: Duel Academy" allows you to live the experience of a character on the "Yu-Gi-Oh!" television show, using uniquely powered playing cards to defeat opponents in duels. Just about every fan of the game wants to beat Jaden right away. With his classy fashion, lack of respect and obsession with the Golden Eggwich, Jaden is the sort of character everyone just loves to hate. The game provides players with multiple encounters with him. The first few times you encounter Jaden, he will be quite easy to beat. Afterward, however, the encounters can become significantly more rare and challenging. Certain encounters are better opportunities than others to defeat Jaden.
  1. Trigger the fifth event in the game in Jaden's room. This is possible on a weekday if you are a member of Slifer Red. Before you attempt to do this, beat Syrus 10 or more times and ensure that you have previously beaten Jaden five or more times. By this point in the game, you should have been able to accomplish this without too much difficulty.
  2. Watch the beginning of the triggered event. Jaden will be found dueling Syrus with an improved deck of cards, and he will beat him. You will then be challenged to a duel as well; as long as you have built a solid deck so far, this is the perfect chance to defeat Jaden. The duel will be particularly easy if you have acquired strong monster cards that do a significant amount of damage. Winning this duel grants the Hero Flame Wingman as a reward.
  3. Clear the seventh event to unlock another easy opportunity to beat Jaden. To do so, you must be a member of Slifer Red or Ra Yellow and must beat Chazz at least 10 times. Then, you may head to the Duel Arena Harbor classroom on a weekday. This should also exempt you from monthly exams.
  4. Walk down to Obelisk Blue Lobby's Duel Arena after completing the seventh event. The lackeys who always seem to surround Chazz are there, and Jaden is pushing them around. They want someone to beat him up for them, creating your opportunity. Again, this is the time to use your stronger monster cards to do massive damage as quickly as possible. Accept the request; you should receive Head Cannon, Dragon Head and Metal Tank as rewards.
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