How to Throw a Fun Star Wars Party for Adults

By Robert Reese , last updated March 5, 2011

The most important considerations in throwing a "Star Wars" party for adults are the invitations, music, decorations, games and drinks. Since the release of the original movie in 1977, the "Star Wars" franchise has become an international phenomenon, inspiring follow-up films, video games and theme parties. Throwing a fun "Star Wars" party for adults is easy, although it does require a moderate amount of preparation.

Design party invitations in a yellow-on-black color pattern and print the relevant information in a font that mimics the iconic opening crawl from the beginning of "Star Wars."

Play music from the original score of "Star Wars," which features hints of symphonic and classical music and works well as party background music. This is a party for adults, so mix in some nostalgic music that was released in 1977 along with the first "Star Wars" film. Fortunately, 1977 was a good year for party music with plenty of disco hits and fun songs like Jimmy Buffett's "Margaritaville."

When decorating, place glowing star stickers of various sizes on the walls and ceiling to create an outer-space ambience. Framed vintage posters from the "Star Wars" movies and collectible memorabilia such as action figures portraying "Star Wars" characters and spaceships enhance the party atmosphere.

A clever "Star Wars" game for an adult party entails assigning each guest a character's name that the guest cannot see but everyone else at the party can. Do this by taping a piece of paper with the character's name on it to the guest's back. Guests then ask the others yes/no questions to try to deduce which character they have been assigned.

Serve drinks at the bar with creative names based on the "Star Wars" empire. For example, instead of a tequila sunrise, make a Tatooine sunrise in dual glasses in honor of the two suns of the planet Tatooine.

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