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The biggest crocodile ever caught is 21 feet long (6.4 metres long). The animal, named Lolong, was found in the Philippines.
The 2,369-pound (1,075-kilogram) crocodile is being held in a temporary enclosure in the Philippines.  More »
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Lolong (died 10 February 2013) was the largest crocodile in captivity. ... confirmed him as the world's longest crocodile ever caught and placed in captivity. ... Lolong to the creek of barangay Nueva Era, where the giant reptile was captured. More
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21 Nov 2013 ... 5 of the WORLD'S BIGGEST CROCODILES ever caught on film! ... reports have him as large as 25 feet, experts estimate Gustave to be about ...
27 May 2013 ... Watch Biggest Crocodile Ever Captured..30 ft Croc found in Philippines ... Witnesses said the crocodile was about 30ft (nine metres) long.
6 Sep 2011 ... Caught alive after a three-week hunt, an allegedly 21-foot-long (6.4-meter-long) saltwater crocodile—the biggest crocodile ever caught in the ...
10 Feb 2013 ... The 21ft, one-tonne saltwater crocodile, which was captured less than 18 months ... Lolong, believed to be more than 50 years old, fell ill after ..... Brenton Thwaites denies ever dating The Giver co-star Taylor Swift -but says ...