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The human eye can see a hundred shades of grey.
The human eye can detect different shades of grey depending on its brightness. 1% of brightness is enough for the human eye to recognise a different shade. More »
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On the other hand, we see that these images are visualized by means of medical ... As a first step, we will investigate how many shades of gray a human observer ... Figure 2 also indicates that the human eye is relatively less sensitive in dark ...
The human eye can see as many as ten million different colors. The human eye is capable of seeing any shade of gray. It varies from between 200 to 256 ...
A healthy human eye can distinguish between 500 different shades of grey. ... Obviously, they can see all colours, and if you think about how many shades they  ...
14 Jul 1995 ... >But there should be a set of colors, or more precisely, shades of one color, >on which ... The human eye can separate more than 64 grey-scales. ... considered by the printing industry for many years and an international committee (CIE, ... falls far short of human ability to see both shadows and highlights.
13 Jun 2012 ... The human vision can only distinguish between 32-64 shades of grey at any time under ideal viewing conditions. ... How many lines can you see? Line ... of grey tones thus increasing your ability to see more shades of grey!
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