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The human eye can see a hundred shades of grey.
The human eye can detect different shades of grey depending on its brightness. 1% of brightness is enough for the human eye to recognise a different shade.  More »
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29 Dec 2006 ... In other words, how many grayscales can a human observer see in ... The Barten model is based on experimental data in which the eye is ...
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13 Jun 2012 ... Furthermore, the actual number of meaningful shades of grey is difficult to ... on the human observer as much as the quality of the actual image. The human vision can only distinguish between 32-64 shades of grey at any time ...;year=2007;volum...
However, more shades of gray are required in medical imaging and ... It describes the ability to distinguish fine spatial detail and to differentiate objects .... The human eye can discriminate many more shades of color than it can shades of grey.
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