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The flight recorder on an airplane is orange.
The term black box comes from the metal case original prototypes were stored in.  More »
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A flight recorder is an electronic recording device placed in an aircraft for the purpose of .... The "Red Egg" got its name from its shape and bright red color. More
Source: Wikipedia
Why did they change the colour of the black box from black to orange? The Flight ... Is the black box flight data recorder on airplanes actually black? It is orange ...
The color of the black box is ORANGE. The reason for this color is obvious. It needs to be conspicuous so that it will be easy to find in any terrain.
21 Jul 2014 ... A rescue worker carrying a flight data recorder ... their bright orange colour, and because they are located in the tail of the aircraft which tends to ...
Why do they call flight data recorders a "black box" if it's orange in color? ... indestructible 'black box' which automatically records the key functions in the aircraft.