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What is the correct name for a rabbit's tail?
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A rabbit's tail is called a scut. The rabbit's tail is usually moveable and is sometimes used to communicate with other rabbits. The scientific name for the rabbit.
A rabbit's tail is called a scut. It is a short, ... The rabbit's tail has two names which are scut and bob. There are ... What Is the Correct Name for a Rabbit's Tail.
Usually within a few days to a week the tails are cured. this is the cheapest, easiest way to cure tails and feet. What is a Jack rabbit's scientific name?
Biologists use this term to refer to the degree of physical differences between the ... interesting thing that deer and rabbits share is a special name for their tails.'s_tail_called
Answer: A rabbits tail is called both a bob or a scut. ... How do you preserve rabbit's tail? ... Weird name, and not as common as the well known term, cotton tail.
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