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The response is 'and the rest of the day to yourself'.
This phrase means 'Good Morning', or 'Best of the Morning'. It is seen to be a typically Irish phrase but is not actually used all that frequently in Ireland. More »
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If someone says, 'top of the morning to you' you can say, 'you too.' It just means that they hope you are having a good day. It could also mean that they want.
There is no correct answer to this. Top Of The Morning To You, was a phrase coined in the Vaudeville variety shows attributed to the Irish as a standard term of  ...'s_the_proper_response_to_Top_o'...
I've heard the proper response is "And the rest of the day to yourself. ... When you wish some one the "Top of the Morning" you are wishing them the best part of ...
12 Dec 2011 ... An appropriate response might be a simple "thank you" although the ... of people say "The top of the morning to you" but my Irish in-laws don't.
21 Jan 2013 ... If your post does not appear in the new queue and you think it meets the ... Huh, I always thought the correct response to "Top O' The Morning ...
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