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Coffee dissolves better by stirring backwards and forwards, from 12 til 6.
Stirring clockwise prevents the sugar from dissolving. Similarly, when preparing a cup of coffee, coffee powder should be added before the sugar.  More »
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Most people stir in a circular motion, but is that the fastest way? ... Whenever applicable: put the sugar in first and pour the coffee on top of it - no ...
Which way do you stir your cup of tea/coffee when your making it? ..... clockwise help spread the sugar through the coffee more efficiently?
11 Nov 2007 ... I reckon that when I stir the coffee, it will be easier and more natural to turn my right wrist .... Best response - You are in the running for best response! ..... I do not think that the way we stir coffee is an indication of our character.
16 Feb 2011 ... Stirring is the fastest way to bring high-kinetic-energy outlier water .... of the coffee , the second best is to wave the spoon over the surface .