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The first chocolate bar suitable for widespread consumption was created in Bristol, in 1847.
The same company who produced the first chocolate bar, Fry's Chocolate Factory, started the production of the first chocolate Easter egg in the UK.  More »
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The candy bar evolved from all of these in the late-19th century as a way ... Over 220 products were introduced in the following decades, ... More
Source: Wikipedia
1847Fry's Produce the First Chocolate Bar. 18th century France produced pastilles (tablets) and bars. But it wasn't until Bristol company Fry & Son made a ...
In 1847, the Fry chocolate factory began making the first chocolate bars. We could ... Yet the first edible bar of chocolate was made in the 1800's by Joseph Fry.
Many people credit this as the very first chocolate bar for eating. ... Joseph Fry invented the first candy bar for widespread consumption in 1847. In 1866, the J.S.  ...
In 1851, Chocolate was introduced to the Americans the first time. Then in 1868, Richard Cadbury created the first heart shaped chocolate bar for valentine's day  ...