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The common ant, which has a brain-to-body ratio of 1:7.
That means ants' brains can take up to 14-15% of their body mass. The collective brain power of an entire colony is similar to that of a human brain.  More »
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Brain size usually increases with body size (positive correlation) in animals (i.e. large animals usually have larger brains than smaller animals). ... Small mammals like mice have a direct brain/body size ... However, large animals need more neurons to represent their ... More
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Answered Last. The sperm whale is supposed to have the largest brain in the world, as far as mass and size of the brain alone, not in proportion to its body size .
Human beings have the largest brain in comparison to body size. From the following site... "As noted in Table 7-1 the creature having the largest ...
14 Mar 2012 ... This myth dates back at least as far as Aristotle, who in 335 BC wrote: "Of all the animals, man has the brain largest in proportion to his size." It's ...
21 Apr 2008 ... Domesticated animals have smaller brains than those of their wild ... 120 kg (280 pounds) has a 1.7 kg (4 pounds) brain; compared to its size, ...