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Except for their proportions the flags of Monaco and Indonesia appear the same.
Both flags have a horizontal red stripe at the top and a white stripe at the bottom.  More »
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Countries: What should every foreigner know about your country? Why? ... Yemen: Chad, Romania, Moldova and Andorra all have similar flags: Romania: Chad:.
Why do most of the country flags have three colors? ... In most cases that flags are similar you see that these countries are very closely related either historically,  ...
The flags of two other European nations, Andorra and Moldova, have the same tricolour but with ... The flags of Luxembourg and Netherlands look very similar.
In some countries, the national flags are only flown from non-military buildings .... States and the United Kingdom) have identical flags for these three purposes; ... More
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14 Apr 2004 ... Romanian President Ion Iliescu has said his country will not give up its ... While both flags have blue, yellow and red stripes, some experts say ...