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Earth is the only planet not named after a pagan god.
The other planet names are derived from Roman and Greek mythology. For example Venus is the Roman goddess of love, Mars is the Roman god of war and Mercury is the Roman god of trade and commerce. More »
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9 Feb 2008 ... Ben answered 6 years ago. Because Earth it is the only planet with living beings. Gods are simply products of imagination. They do not exist.
The English language days of the week are named after celestial bodies and ... From Greece the planetary week names passed to the Romans, and from .... Saturday: the only day of the week to retain i... View article on Wikipedia »
22 Jan 2013 ... Based on the Sanskrit word for Shukra, the name given to the planet ... not the names of gods, festivals, elements or planets - the only ... They named the days of the week after the pagan gods of Rome, the Sun and the Moon.
29 Jun 2004 ... The Pagan Week. ... in Greek, but there are no Hebrew or Greek equivalents for the names of the days of ... In The Bible, from Genesis to Revelation, the days of the week were identified only by number, the first to the seventh, ... the moon, and the 5 known planets that they named after pagan gods: Mercury, ...
Earth, the third planet, is not named after a god. ... to the immortals Greek Hestia, Vesta in Roman: Goddess of the Hearth and Home; also Fertility(Greek only).
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