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The heartbrand, from Unilever has over 28 different names worldwide. In the UK, the brand is called Wall's.
The brand is called Miko in France, Frigo in Spain, Eskimo in Austria, Ola in Belgium and Luxembourg, Yollanda in Central America, and Aligida in Turkey, Cyprus, Greece, Poland and Russia.  More »
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The most popular flavours of ice cream in North America (based on consumer surveys) are vanilla ... 4 Dietary; 5 Ice cream around the world; 6 Ice cream cone; 7 Other frozen desserts .... Howard Johnson's restaurants advertised "a world of 28 flavors". ... The company now boasts that it has developed over 1000 varieties. More
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It is best known as a premium ice cream brand, founded in 1978 in ... Over 70,000 postcards were sent to Congress concerning kids and other national issues. More
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The ice creams we enjoy today are said to have been invented in Italy during ... and over the centuries the manufacture of ice cream has in many countries ..... [ 1948: Howard Johnson's 28 flavors, in order of popularity] .... She gets so angry when product sizes shrink that she sometimes switches to a different brand in protest.
27 Aug 2009 ... The popular ice cream maker you might remember from such frozen hits ... into their Heartbrand quilt — a product line sold in over 40 countries. Good Humor, Heartbrand. Unilever ice cream has the same logo but with a different name in ... of ice cream brands around the world under one logo are obvious.
Based on over 2000 votes, Häagen-Dazs is currently number 1 out of 124 choices. ... I have tasted about ten different brands and there is no better ice cream brand out there! Blue is always the best in the world I love it more than any other ..... +28Price & quality-both favours Amul-this brand is snatching the baskin robbins ...