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The word "latchstring" has six consonants in a row.
The noun latchstring refers to passing a string through a hole in a door, for raising the latch from the outside.  More »
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16 Mar 2011 ... Many of these words do not actually have that many sonsonant phonemes ... lengthsman, and postphthisic each have six consonants in a row.
ANGSTS is the shortest word with five consonants in a row. These words have six consecutive consonants: ARCHCHRONICLER, CATCHPHRASE, ...
Similar Questions: word English language consecutive consonants ... Borschts has six consonants in a row in just one syllable. Words with five ...
According to the former definition, the longest consonant clusters in the word extra would ... initial consonant clusters with up to three consonants in a row per syllable. Finnish has initial consonant clusters natively only on South-Western dialects and ... Clusters in Georgian of four, five or six consonants are not unusual—for ... More
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9 Jul 2014 ... These words have 6 consecutive consonants: AARRGHHS [OSPD], ... ANGSTS is the shortest word with 5 consonants in a row. Some other ...