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Grey or 'gray' horses start life with black or grey hair which only lightens to white as they develop.
Grey horses also have dark skin and eyes. However, white horses do also exist, differing from gray horses because they are born white, have pink skin and sometimes even have blue eyes. More »
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For gray horses with white hair coats, see Gray (horse). Dominant white .... In other parts of the world, these horses are called "white born." "White born" foals are ... View article on Wikipedia »
People who are unfamiliar with horses may refer to gray horses as "white. ... While gray is commonly called a coat color by breed registries, genetically it may be ... View article on Wikipedia »
Genetically, all horses start out as either chestnut, called "red" by geneticists, ... A gray horse is distinguished from a white horse by dark skin, particularly ... View article on Wikipedia »
2 Jun 2010 ... Because grey turns white with age. Like, take this horse for example. This is a young grey horse, and she is not white (well I take that back.
White horses are called gray because underneath all that white fur, their skin is grey/black. NOT pink. Improve answer. First answer by Crickettgirl. Last edit by ...
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