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In the early days of animation, only three fingers were drawn instead of four to save time and money.
Cartoonists had a large amount of work pressure, they were used to producing up to five shorts per month of five minutes. Each second of film has 24 frames in it, which makes around 7,200 drawings per short. The pressure to produce these was huge and drawing one less finger reduced their workload significantly. More »
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24 May 2005 ... While at the bank machine last week, I noticed that the little cartoon graphic over the waste slot had a gloved hand with only three fingers.
One other reason is that having a five-fingered hand would add a level of realism which would look ridiculous on many cartoon characters. And realism isn't ...
There is a reason why many famous cartoon characters consist of few lines ... Dilbert, or other famous characters and try to imagine what it would be like ... Some cartoons only have three fingers and that looks really odd if you ...
Or, If you mean 3 fingers and a thumb, drawing that number reduces the time it takes to draw. Also, drawing ... Why do cartoon characters only have four fingers?
Three fingers and a thumb, it is much easier and quicker for cartoonists to draw characters this way. Most characters only have three fingers and a thumb in older  ...
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