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    Tuesday, 05 April, 11
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1 Jun 2012 ... Creating substitute images for each playing card ... As you “walk,” you need to select 52 spots to store in your mental ... Repeat these 50 items over and over in your head until you can close your eyes and say them flawlessly and rapidly. .... The great thing about this system is that there are as many uses for ...
I've seen pictures of these 52 Things I Love About You decks of cards floating around ... You'll need: 1 Deck of Playing Cards Glue Template for the cards, you make on your own ... or "Your eyes!" If you are having trouble coming up with ideas, there are plenty of helpful sites out there to get you rolling. ... Thank you so much!
A lot of playing card decks come with those now or they will have a blank card. ... There's always a but isn't there :) I pledged at the 8 deck level and was ... Jackson , perhaps it is my fault as I tried keeping an eye out for any surveys and within ...
There are hundreds of card tricks, and almost every one of them starts with ... Now a lot of people know about the bottom key-card method, and they'll be looking for it. ... of the packet (which is what magicians call a small bunch of playing cards) in ... quickly scan through the cards with your eyes and locate your key card.
10 Jan 2014 ... A pirate-themed deck for all you mateys out there ... Every one of The Type Deck's 52 custom playing cards is a uniquely designed piece of ... gave our cards the much needed whitespace and breathing room for your eyes (so ...
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