17 Grams Equals How Many Tablespoons?


How many tablespoons 17 grams of a substance would equal depends on what the substance is. For a heavier substance, 17 grams would fill less volume than 17 grams of a lighter substance. For water, 17 grams is equal to 1.13 tablespoons. For sugar, 17 grams is equal to 1.09 tablespoons. Converting grams to tablespoons or converting weights into volumes is a necessary tool for culinarians (specialty cooks) and culinary students as well as others. The abbreviation for grams is g and the abbreviation for tablespoons is tbsp or T.
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Conversion from grams to tablespoons is not available. Please try a different conversion.
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2 scoops of medicen.
It depends on what you are measuring; grams are weight & tablespoons are volume. One
about 14g.
Each level tablespoon has about 5 grams of oat bran. Hope I was able to help you. According to Dukan. 1 tbls. = 1 table spoon. = 12 grams. = 0.42 ounces.
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