What are 5 examples of metaphor?


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A metaphor is a figure of speech that implies an analogy between two objects or ideas.
A metaphor takes the meaning of one word and transfers it to another, as in 'Life is a journey.'
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One example of a metaphor would be: the man went frozen with fear when he saw the bear. The woman ended her relationship with her boyfriend on a sour note. The man taught his son
Examples of metaphors: The inside of the car was a refrigerator. &
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Metaphors are comparisons that compare two things that would normally be completely different, using the word "is". For example, saying "your life ...
An example of a metaphor is; the assignment was a breeze. A metaphor is a figurative speech in which an implied link is made between two unlike things that essentially ...
A metaphor compares two nouns but does not use the words like or as in the comparison. For example The boy is a tiger, or The girl is a flower. ...
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