How many ounces is 50ml equal to?


how many tea spoons in 50ml.
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50 ml = 1.6907 oz
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50 ml equals 1.6907011279450002 fluid ounces. ChaCha!
One ounce converts to different measurements. One ounce is equal to 30 grams in powder. One ounce equals 0.0625 pounds, 28.35 grams or 30 ml in liquid.
50 ml is equal to 1.69070114 US fluid ounces. 8 ounces is one serving size of water!
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When 50ml is converted to fluid ounce it is equal to 1.69 ounces. Fluid ounce is a measurement unit for volume that is equal to about 28.4 ml in the imperial system ...
An ounce, also abbreviated as oz, is a unit of mass that has numerous definitions. The most commonly used definition is that an once is equal to 28 grams. It size ...
6 ounces is known to be equal to ¾ of a cup. An ounce is equal to 1/8 of a cup therefore to get the equivalent of 3 ounces we multiply it by the factor. ...
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