6 Months Daylight in Alaska?


There is a popular belief that there are 6 months of daylight in Alaska. Much as this may be true to a certain extent, It is important to understand that Alaska is a very large state with so many cities. Therefore there are different hours of sunlight in different cities. This due to the fact that Alaska is in the North Pole and the earth is tilted. Fairbanks is one of the places where there are 6 months of darkness and other 6 months of sunlight.
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The reason why there are 6 months of daylight in Alaska is, because of the Alaska being at the axis of the earth. It takes 6 months for the axis to revolve away ...
The longest period of daylight in Alaska occurs on June 21 of each year. On this day parts of Alaska has 18 to 22 hours of daylight. The months of May, June, July ...
Alaska does not really have 6 months of daylight and 6 months of darkness, but they do have very long nights during the winter months. The North Pole and the South ...
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