A State Law Will Be Held to Violate the Commerce Clause If It?


The federal government is a form of government where power is divided between the national government and the states. In the United States, the federal government consists of three separate branches. Each branch acts as a check on the others. The three branches are referred to as the executive branch, legislative branch, and the judicial branch. The Commerce Clause gives Congress the power to regulate commerce with foreign nations, several States, and with the Indian Tribes. A state law will be held to violate the commerce clause if it substantially interferes is.
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D) Part of the reason for a strong federal branch and the Commerce Clause, is because of the many commerce issues that kept arising between states under the Articles of Confederation
The exponential use of the Internet computer network worldwide has led to attempts at government regulation. Several states such as Georgia and California are trying to pass laws
Utah's courts and legislatures are earning some scrutiny lately. Seems like the general meme in Salt Lake City is to write laws that pretty clearly reach outside the Wasatch and Cottonwood
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