What is the abbreviation for the development?


The abbreviation is "DEV"
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Depends on where and how you want to use the abbreviation. It can either be "dev." , "dvlpmt", or "dvlp".
There doesn't seem to be a standard abbreviation for "development,
Three tables addressed this question, two of which suggested that SEBs should have their own pathway in the regulations rather than an SEB version of the ANDS. As in other discussions
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The standard abbreviation for the word development is 'DEV'. Abbreviations can be used for multiple different words - for example, 'DEV' is also the abbreviation ...
Whether policies should be written for abbreviation usage is a matter of some debate. Some people feel that they should, as they claim it makes the policies more ...
The abbreviate of IDBI for a bank is. The Industrial Development Bank Of India .Company was first made in Mumbai on July the first. This bank is in India . ...
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