What is an abbreviation for the word second?


Can i abbreviate the word second.
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Its sec.
When you express 0.05
I believe north and south would be in reference to the equator. Assuming you live north of the equator, the latitude you've given would be "north". East and west are in
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In order to write 10.6 seconds in the correct abbreviated form of Si units you would have to write it like this, ten point six seconds to the fifth power. ...
A millionth of a second is called a microsecond. It is a unit of time that is abbreviated as 10-6. One billionth of a second, on the other hand, is called a nanosecond ...
1. Abbreviate the enlisted rates as follows: Seaman Recruit, SR; Seaman Apprentice, SA; Seaman, SN; Petty Officer Third Class, PO3; Petty Officer Second Class, ...
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