How to Address a Judge?


The best way to address a judge is to call him or her your honor. The most important thing is to use your best manners, be non confrontational, and most of all, show respect.
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1. Sign the card with not just your name but also a simple, personalized message or anecdote about the deceased person, if you knew the deceased well. If you did not know the deceased
On the bench, s/he is always Your Honor. In the office Judge, Sir orr M'aam. No mr or ms or first names unless you are personal friends.
1. You must determine which branch of government the judge presides over, that you are going to write. Whether he or she is a district court, circuit court, or federal court judge
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Address a judge by calling him or her Your Honor. Some may say Judge is appropriate but Your Honor is always preferred. You will want to use the utmost respect ...
When you enter the court room behave yourself, walk calm and be respectful. Make an eye contact when the judge is explaining and talking to you to let him know ...
The title of Scotland?s most senior judge reflects his or her position as head of both the civil courts (Lord President) and the criminal courts (Lord Justice ...
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