Africa by David Diop?


The poem Africa by David Diop depicts the poet's longing and hope for his native country. It reflects on the struggles and the pain that the people are experiencing from the colonialist. It is a poem of strength and hope for the people.
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It is the Struggle of the African people from the hands of slavery.
This intriguingly unique poem has an overall tone and a secondary, middle tone along with a tertiary (third) tone. The overall tone is heard in the first six and last two lines. In
What comes to mind is the now of time, And the overwhelming poverty in Africa, The outlaw tribes of the Congo the. horrific way they prey on African people. women, children, men.
This poem reflects insight of African history through
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The person who speaks in the poem 'Africa' by David Diop is the author himself. In this poem, the author sincerely expresses his homesickness of his homeland. ...
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