What is Anaerobic Respiration?


Anaerobic respiration is a method for organic production of energy without oxygen. The energy formed is called adenosine tri-phosphate.
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Anaerobic respiration is believed to be the oldest form of cellular respiration. It is still employed by many single celled organisms, particularly in anoxic (lacking oxygen) environments
there are manyadvantages but one of the main one ones is that unlike aerobic respiration where it releases all its energy at once anaerobic respiration lets its energy out in short
n. Respiration in which molecular oxygen is not consumed.
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Anaerobic respiration is a type of respiration that uses electron acceptors and not oxygen. This process still uses a respiratory electron transport chain even ...
Tiny organisms use anaerobic respiration. They include yeast, tetani and perfrigens. Anaerobic respiration is different from aerobic respiration because it does ...
Anaerobic respiration is a form of respiration that uses electron acceptors. It is respiration without oxygen. Anaerobic organisms die in the presence of oxygen. ...
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