How we compare IR spectrum of caffeine?


If you have access to an infrared spectrophotometer, then its software should have features that help you match an unknown spectrum to a library of spectra. Certainly the major makers of (FT)IR instruments like Bruker, Perkin-Elmer, Varian, etc.
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The spectrum for theobromine should show a peak for secondary amine N-H stretch at around 3300 wavenumbers because there is a N-H at the 1 position. The spectrum for caffiene won't
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The term infrared, or IR radiation is a category of EM radiation. This application is used in organic chemistry and known as IR spectroscopy. This is a tool used ...
The IR of Caffeine is considered to be the Infrared spectrum of caffeine. There are typically two major peaks on the IR of Caffeine. They peak around that of 3000 ...
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