What ratio borax to water for ant killer?


That would not be real effective. Contact sprays are cheap enough to where there is no need to make it yourself. Borax type products are a stomach poison that is ingested because the ants track through it dry & then ingest while grooming. It is not
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1. Target areas of the house that need to be treated. Identify problem areas. These will often be the areas of the house where ants have access to food, like the kitchen and potentially
1 Mix the sugar and borax. Ad
Overview Many people are becoming increasingly aware of the dangers of using chemicals in their homes, and are trying to find less dangerous alternatives. Pest control products often
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Homemade ant killer can easily be made with a few ingredients. Mix 2 cups sugar, 1 cup water and 2 tablespoons of borax in a pan. Stir continuously and bring ...
The recipe which uses Borax to kill ants is a mixture of a cup of borax, 3 cups of sugar, small amount of peanut butter all mixed in a glass bowl. After stirring ...
Borax is an excellent tool against small insects. The viability of Borax as a pest control agent comes from it's form; Borax, when powdered, retains extremely ...
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