What are the example of antonyms?


Opposite words, on and off here and there this and that she and he save and discard light and dark etc.
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There are no antonyms or synonyms for the word "example. Is there anything
Examples of Antonym:up-down;hot-cold;girl-boy;yes-no;in-out;behave-misbehave;run-walk;agree-disagree;balance-imbalance;mother-father;brother-sister;old-young
Antonyms are words that are opposites, like: Young-old. Good-bad. Small-large. black-white.
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Antonyms are words that are used as opposites of other words for example; good and bad, old and new. Antonym is considered as one of the basic levels an individual ...
An antonym is a word whose meaning is the opposite of the base word. An antonym for the word attract is repel. ...
For example, the word 'bound' is synonymous to the word 'attached' and its antonym is 'loose'. You can find more examples of synonyms and antonyms on a thesaurus ...
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