Archipelago Doctrine of the Philippines?


The 'Archipelagic Doctrine'' goes back to March 7, 1955, when the Philippines government lodged a formal note with the United Nations, as follows:''All waters around, between and connecting different islands belonging to the Philippine Archipelago, irrespective of their width or dimension, are necessary appurtenances of its land territory, forming an integral part of the national or inland waters, subject to the exclusive sovereignty of the Philippines.'''
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Every county or state has boundaries. These boundaries limit the jurisdiction of the state but it embraces those which are inside that jurisdiction. The. Philippine Archipelago Doctrine
An archipelago is a cluster of islands. An Archipelagic doctrine attempts to prevent these islands from being cut off from the mother nation because of their location in "International
Ferdinand Emmanuel Edralín Marcos
Theories :Pacific Theory which we call Volcanic theory too. It is formulated by Bailey Willis.Asiatic Theory It is formulated by Dr. Leopoldo FaustinoWave Migration theory formulated
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An Archipelagic Doctrine is a proposal that an archipelago state such as the Philippines will be seen as a single unit. An archipelago is a part of a sea that ...
The major islands in the Philippine Archipelago are Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao. ...
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