Are Hamsters Blind?


Hamsters are not blind, however these creatures are colour blind. Hamsters are known to view different shades of black and white colours. Hamsters are usually classified as rodents.
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Hamsters aren't actually blind. They just have poor eyesight so rely on the sense of smell rather than the sense of sight.
Hamsters are actually clinically blind and can only see at best about 5 inches
Hi. sorry to hear about your hamster. There is only 3 ways that you can help your hamster. 1. you can help it by feeding it and putting water on a finger (CLEAN) and doing it that
Dear Anadia, I'm not exactly sure that you can tell if your hamster is blind, but if you take her to the vet, they may be able to help. If it is male, the openings on its underside
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Hamsters are actually rumoured to be colour blind, (being able to see only in diverse shades of black and white). It is also believed that they are nearly blind ...
Even though hamsters eyes are large, they have bad sight and see shapes, not really clear objects. They are red blind and can see yellows and greens best, which ...
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