Are Mutations Good or Bad?


Mutations can be good or bad. Bad mutations cause diseases and include inheritable disorders like Down syndrome and cystic fibrosis. Sickle cell anaemia, which is also a bad mutation, can affect the well being or the survival of a human being considerably. On the other hand, the sickle cell anaemia mutation can be helpful particularly to people who live in areas where malaria is endemic. The unusual shape of the blood cells prevent them getting infected with malaria.
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Whether a mutation is good or bad depends on how it changes the DNA relative to the
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Probably the deepest insight into why mutator methods are suboptimal in many cases comes from the father of object-orientation himself, Alan Kay. in his 1993 paper 'The Early History
Mutations are changes in the genetic code, which leads to change in the population. Individual mutations are meaningless, but population mutations usually have more profound effects
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