What methods are there for the synthesis of aspirin in a standard sciences lab?


Aspirin is chemically quite primitive, an acetic ester of the hydroxyl group of salicylic acid. 1.2 mol acetanhydride for each mol salicylic acid and 10 ml concentrated sulphuric acid are heated under reflux. About 85% of the theoretical yield can be
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Increase your yield: 1. Incorrectly weighing the final product. 2. Insufficiently drying (removing water) from your final product. 3. Insufficiently purifying your final product.
Synthesis in a report means that you suggest how your results shed light on the original question and, if you can, how the results can be applied toward informing other questions/
Why would we be interested in making aspirin? I did an aspirin synthesis lab. and one of the discussion questions is " Why were we interested in making this compound?" Could
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There are a variety of different methods that you can use for the synthesis of aspirin in standard science labs. Aspirin is very primitive for mechanical point ...
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