Assiduous Use in a Sentence?


Assiduous is defined as paying attention to detail. A couple of example of assiduous in a sentence are as follows; Because of the importance of this article I have recommended you for your assiduous work. I appreciate your assiduous attitude in your efforts with the team.
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Assiduous in a sentence is, "Such a case required the expertise of an assiduous detective.
Here is a sentence: "He was an assiduous worker who strove for perfection.
Assiduous means constant in application and diligence, persistent, showing great care. So a suitable sentence might be: The girl pursued her goal assiduously and graduated twelve
A sentence is if you cannot be assiduous, at least in your thought be like a sluggard. Anonymous
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Assiduous is an adjective that describes the act of great care and perseverance. Here is a sentence using the word assiduous:'The investigators are assiduous in ...
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