How do I Download Songs Onto a CD?


You can download songs to a compact disk if your have a CD burner installed on your computer. Open up your media player and make a burn list, insert and blank CD and hit burn.
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1. Locate the data on the Internet you want to download. This information may range from a video to important data file or an image. 2. Right-click the content and select "Save
Insert your CD-R into your CD burner drive. A window will appear, giving you options for how to handle the CD. Double-click on the Windows Media Player option. 2. Click on the "
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You can download CDs from most music websites. Most music websites will allow you to download an entire CD. You can also download CDs on a peer-to-peer sharing ...
You do not actually download a CD, you download an MP3 file to your computer, then you have to burn the files to a CD from there. There are both free and pay sites ...
There are many places that offer an instant download service for CD's. iTunes, Amazon, Rhapsody, and smaller merchandising ventures on the internet. ...
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