What is the optimal level of air pollution and how can we graph it?


To graph it, you'd have to compare the level of air pollution to something else, say the amount of deaths per year caused by air pollution. Then you could say that an increase of X tons of air polutants, or whatever, beyond the current level of air
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What is the composition of the mixture of gases that makes up are air best represented on what kind of graph a. piechart b. bar
household items like refrigerator, fuel-efficient hybrid car and many more. oil prices and now the increase in ERP road gantries, many drivers are flaring www. chasingcleanair.com
The air temperature is at its lowest in January. It then slowly rises until it reaches the high point in July. After that, the temperature slowly falls from August through December.
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Air pollution imaging graphs can give a person a look at just how bad pollution is throughout the world. Some of the worst areas are those that are heavily populated ...
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