How to Make Beaded Rings?


Use beads and jewelry wire to make beaded rings. String the beads on the wire, then use jewelry pliers to bend the ends together to make the circle.
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Beaded Rings Tutorial
There are many different ways to make beaded rings. The simplest way is to thread a row of beads onto elastic beading cord and tie a knot. Bead artists who prefer more of a challenge enjoy turning their favorite bead stitches or techniques into rings. A... More »
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1. Select a single, bold bead with which to make a ring. Choose a bead that has a hole running all the way through it. 2. Cut an 8-inch portion of jewelry wire with wire cutters.
1. Cut a strip of elastic. Measure the length that will fit around the finger about twice, then cut. Slide a small bead into the center of this cut piece. 2. Slip two larger beads
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Beading is great fun. There are instructions in Bead & Button, Beadwork and BeadStyle magazines. You can also find instructions on line if you search " ...
Beaded rings are a type of jewellery that is made from beads. To make beaded rings, you need thread and beads of various colours. To begin, measure the finger ...
When you want to make Japanese bead rings, find the beads. Find one bead that will be used as the center piece. You should find beads in various colors. ...
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