What is the definition of the prefix bilingual?


Bilingual is an adjective, not a prefix. It literally means two languages. It can refer to people who speak two languages, or types of education where both of two languages are respected, included and fostered within the curriculum.
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[bahy-ling-gwuhl or, Canadian, -ling-gyoo-uhl]
able to speak two languages with the facility of a native speaker.
spoken, written, or containing similar information in two different languages: a bilingual dictionary; Public notices at the embassy are bilingual.
of, involving, or using two languages: a bilingual community; bilingual schools.
a bilingual person.
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Subtractive bilingualism, reflects a society in which one
bilingualism: the ability to speak two languages colloquially
The ability to speak two languages. In areas where two languages are common, bilingual individuals are often paid more to do the same jobs as monolingual persons because they are
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Bilingual is a person who understands two different languages either through writing or speaking. Bilingual speakers have acquired one language during childhood ...
Bilingually is the act of being versed in two languages especially with equal or nearly equal fluency. It is the experience, practice, and skill in two dialects. ...
The term bilingualism means the ability to use two languages, especially with equal or nearly equal fluency. It also refers to use of two languages in some proportion ...
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