Who is St Joseph?


St. Joseph, according to Christian beliefs was the husband of Mary, mother of Jesus. Of course he was not the biological father, but acted as his father, and loved him as any father would. Look here for more information:
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Birthplace: Judea
Joseph is a figure in the Gospels, the husband of Mary the mother of Jesus and the earthly father of Jesus Christ. He is a saint in the Roman Catholic, Eastern Orthodox, and Anglican traditions.
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Saint Joseph's University, 5600 City Avenue, Philadelphia, PA 19131-1395.
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St. Joseph was the foster father of Jesus Christ, being the husband of Mary who conceived Jesus through the Holy Spirit. He is the Patron of the dying and also ...
Saint Joseph he was considered the head of the Holy Family, and he was also the father of Jesus, although he was not the biological father he acted as a foster ...
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