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Biweekly means being paid or doing something every two weeks. The word 'bi' means two, and adding in the word weekly creates the meaning of doing something every two weeks. Some payment schedules are done every two weeks, and most people are paid on Fridays. However, biweekly payments can come on any day of the week as long as the day stays consistent. This type of payroll consists of two pay periods or payweeks on one check.
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occurring every two weeks.
occurring twice a week; semiweekly.
a periodical issued every other week.
every two weeks.
twice a week.
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Bi-weekly means ever two weeks exactly. For instance, if you just started a job, and you know you will be getting paid every other Friday, then that frequency is considered bi-weekly
A biweekly meeting occurs every two weeks and a semiweekly one occurs
Being paid bi-weekly means that you get paid every two weeks.
Biweekly means to occur once every two weeks. Sometimes this can happen three times in one month, depending on what day it falls on. Ask us anything 24/7!
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Biweekly is an adjective that refers to that which occurs twice a week. As an adverb, biweekly is used in the same context as fortnightly. Example of its use in ...
The word biweekly has two senses. It may refer to the state of occurring twice a single week or the state of occurring once in every two weeks. This word is similar ...
Biweekly is defined as something that occurs once in every two weeks. It also means something happening twice a week. It can also be referred to as fortnight which ...
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