Brown Coating on Tongue?


The brown coating on the tongue is harmless. There is no set gender for brown tongue so it can be found in men and women. When you get this brown tongue, it is nothing to be worried about. You get the brown tongue due to an irritation to the top of the tongue. The color is mostly just brown but sometimes it can look a little black. Either color is still harmless. There is not major wrong. You can sure this but brushing your tongue every few hours, or by using a tongue scraper.
Q&A Related to "Brown Coating on Tongue?"
A white coating occurs when the tiny bumps on the tongue, known as papillae, become inflamed. Inflammation usually happens because of dehydration, fever, mouth breathing or smoking.
Brush your tounge.
( kō'tĭd ) n. The presence of a whitish layer on the upper surface of the tongue, composed of epithelial debris, food particles, and bacteria.
Tongue coating is a by-product of the stomach digestion of food and
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