What is frogs buccal cavity?


his oral cavity, i.e. mouth.
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( ′bək·əl ¦kav·əd·ē ) (anatomy) The space anterior to the teeth and gums in the mouths of all vertebrates having lips and cheeks
Buccal cavity n. The portion of the oral cavity bounded by the lips, cheeks, and
buccal cavity: the cavity between the jaws and the cheeks
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A frogs buccal cavity is part of its digestive system. The mouth of the frog leads directly into the buccal cavity. On the floor of the buccal cavity is the frogs ...
The buccal cavity is most commonly known as the mouth. The mouth is the first part of the digestive system. The mouth makes it possible to drink, eat, breathe, ...
Frogs have lungs, but the majority of their oxygen comes from their skin. They need wet skin to absorb oxygen. The buccal cavity is another way the frog body does ...
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