How to Build a Lego Robot.?


1. Gather Legos together, if you haven't done anything with Legos in a while visit the store and buy a new set of basic Legos. Look for the Legos especially built for robot construction as it may come with some accessories to aide in your robot
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How to Make a Lego Robot
If there’s a toy one cannot forget, it’s Lego--those little multi-colored bricks that have enthralled millions of children and adults for decades. This classic toy doesn’t just entertain but also stimulates creative thinking while... More »
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Get yourself a big heaping pile of legos and then just start clicking and pushing them together. Before long you'll see a shape forming, then alter it and change things around to
Since I assume you mean FIRST Lego League and you mean it for this year's, you build it like any other robot, it just has to be able (assuming you want to have a chance of winning
1. Build a magazine to dispense dominoes out of. You'll want the bottom of the magazine to be open, so that dominoes are dragged across the round, and the sides to be close enough
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To build a Lego Mindstorm robot you can follow the Lego Mindstorm building instructions. You use the Leg site on your computer to help you through the steps to ...
You can build Lego robots by sticking bricks together to make the body and make the legs. Add the arms and then modify and customize the finished model. ...
Lego Mindstorms NXT software combines Lego building with computer technology to create programmable robots. The robot and software can be bought on the Lego website ...
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