Burst Vein in Leg?


A burst vein in the leg can be caused by a blood clot. These problems may cause thrombophlebitis. Thrombophlebitis usually occurs in the legs and causes physical to growth to the vein because of a blood clot. Superficial thrombophlebitis may be the result of a burst vein near the surface of the skin. Deep vein thromobophlebitis is mostly emerged within a muscle. These conditions may be very painful and cause redness, tenderness and swelling in the affected area. Treatment options your doctor may recommend are blood-thinning medications, clot-dissolving medications, support stockings, varicose vein stripping, and/or clot removal or bypass.
Q&A Related to "Burst Vein in Leg?"
Probably weakness of the vein wall due to it being a varicose vein and/or something constricting the vein preventing the return flow of blood.
Age causes blood vessels to weaken over time. If a blood vessel is weakened enough, blood pools to cause varicose veins to swell and, in rare instances, burst. Varicose veins are
Veins are thin-walled blood vessels that carry blood from the body tissues back to the heart.
Most of the venous system is redundant. Veins criss-cross, connecting with each other in various places creating a mesh-like network. So if one vein is blocked (or severed and tied
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