What are some isomers for the chemical formula C3H8O?


The isomers for the molecular formula C3H8O include methoxyethane, propan-1-ol and propan-2-ol. Each isomer is obtained by arranging the atoms in the C3H8O molecular formula into a different structural formula. The first isomer, methoxyethane, is an ether, and the other two isomers are alcohols.

Methoxyethane is also called methyl ethyl ether and appears as a colorless liquid. Its formula is written as follows: CH3-O-CH2-CH3.

Propan-1-ol has the formula CH3-CH2-CH2-OH and is also referred to as n-propanol, n-propyl alcohol or 1-hydroxypropane. Propan-1-ol is a colorless liquid used as a solvent.

Propan-2-ol, also called isopropanol and isopropyl alcohol, has the following formula: CH3-CH(OH)-CH3. This compound is used as a solvent and can be applied topically as an antiseptic and disinfectant.

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There will be several chemical compounds with that empirical formula. Each compound will have one or more isomers. Without knowledge of the particular molecular formula you are asking
Three - 2 alcohols and an ether. Now work them out.
There are 3 constitutional isomers in the molecule
Add in the hydrogens and you will see that there are eight of them. I thought I'd make a video of this answer, but my molecular model kit is in storage in my other home, 65 miles
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