Part Time Jobs for 13 Year Olds?


There are some jobs that can be given to 13 year olds to do these include, working for their parents, acting or performing, babysitting and delivering newspapers. Employment law for 13year olds provides that it is important that the child’s education is not negatively affected by work.
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12-13 year olds aren't supposed to work.
1. Ask friends, family members, and neighbors if they have any chores that need to be done around the house. Your 13-year-old can help with chores like sweeping the floors, doing
In most states you can't legally work for a business or corporation. However, you can earn cash by getting a paper route, mowing lawns, raking leaves, tutoring classmates, babysitting
What Jobs Can Youth Do? When You Are 13 Or Younger . . . You can deliver newspapers. You can work as a baby-sitter. You can work as an actor or performer in motion pictures, television
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The type of jobs that 13 year olds can do is to deliver newspapers to houses, babysitting, working in a shop, domestic work in hotels, washing cars and also agricultural ...
Jobs that can be done by 11 year old include babysitting, house cleaning, mowing lawns, raking leaves, going to the grocery for elderly people, painting, selling ...
A 13 year old can find many baby sitting jobs by speaking with their parents or other trusted adults. These jobs may range from a few nights a month to a regularly ...
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