What Eats Lobsters?


As the food chain goes, many animals eat lobsters. Although, it is not common to see a lobster being eaten when it's older because of the hard shell. So, in turn, baby lobsters are eaten by wild animals. We humans will eat them as adults, though.
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After talking to my friends, I found the easiest way to eat a lobster is breaking off the legs first, most suggest twisting the legs off not tearing them off. The meat in the legs
1 Decide between a hard shell or a "shedder. " If you go to a restaurant that offers you the chance to choose your own lobster, you may be asked whether you want a hard
lobsters eat Sharp and little fish .
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Lobsters have several natural predators. Flounder, haddock, codfish and even some seals will eat lobsters. Many humans enjoy eating lobsters as well! You can ...
Lobsters tend to eat crabs, fish, clams, mussels, sea urchins, and sometimes other lobsters. They also eat various plants that are found in the sea, but eat more ...
To eat a lobster, you should twist the claws and legs off to get to the meat inside. Most of the lobster is edible, but avoid the mouth, the antennae, and the ...
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