Can Fish Cough?


Yes, a fish can cough. They do this to dislodge items from their gills. They also do this to expel air. A fish can cough, hiccup, and breathe. They can do all of this while they are under water. Fish has been known to cough up food and even hooks. Sensors have been placed in many aquariums to monitor the behavior of fish. The fish has been monitored by many experts. Their movements have been recorded, as well many of their actions. This includes the act of coughing.
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I did a bit of research and what I came up with was ; Fish don't cough like us, they cough to expel or dislodge stuff in their gills. Fish don't have lungs or diaphragms like us so
Fish don't cough like we humans do.Their version of cough is different. They cough to dislodge
It depends on the collector. Some are MAC certified, meaning they have certified and responsible collection techniques. The MAC certified people use nets or slurp guns. They are taught
I look forward to the spring every year after the cold weather, but there is one thing that I do not look forward to. That thing is a cough, sore throat and fever around March or
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